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Our expert fitting service ensures that your blinds & shutters are installed professionally



Our high-end products are designed to last for years to come

A Proud, Family Run 


Our family-run business has over 20 years of professional experience with window furnishings


The manufacturer’s guarantee on all blinds is 12 months.

The manufacturer’s guarantee on all shutters is 3 years.

After these guarantees expire, our Lifetime Company Guarantee starts.

During the life of the product we will repair free of charge any defect that is possible to do on site using any stock parts. If we need to purchase additional parts, these must be paid for. If the product needs to be returned to manufacturer for repair, this must be paid for including postage. Our services are free.

Our lifetime warranty only covers our products through fair wear and tear.

Breakages or damages caused by misuse or abuse, subject to decision made by Premium Blinds and Shutters, will not be covered by this warranty.

Repairs may be done at cost to the customer, including costs paid for by Premium Blinds and Shutters.

Any variation to these rules are at the Director’s discretion.


During your installation of your products, should any part of your product be unsatisfactory in quality or become damaged during installation, your product or product part will automatically be replaced with new.

This may require us to re-order, and may take a short while for delivery.

All re-installation is free of charge.


We take child safety extremely seriously. All of our manual blinds where required by regulation will have safety devices installed without exception, whether children are present in the home or not.

Because of the nature of these devices, they are designed to come apart in the event of a child getting caught in the chains. They are easily re-connected.

We will allow 1 call out per customer free of charge to re-connect these devices and re-demonstrate how to use them. Our fitters will have shown you on installation.

After that, there will be a service call fee of £25 payable when booking. Any deviation to these rules will be at the Directors discretion

To learn more about child safety with your blinds please see www.makeitsafe.org.uk

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