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Making Spaces Uniquely Yours

Thinking of updating a room or redoing your whole home? Our in-house designer has the expertise and passion to create spaces that feel right for you.

Our design service covers everything – from curtains and blinds to furniture, lighting, paint, wallpaper and more. We take a fresh, informed approach to design, ensuring spaces are both beautiful and functional.


New and Exclusive in Our Showroom

We’ve teamed up with top brands to bring you even more fantastic design choices:

Graham and Brown

Famous for their stunning wallpapers and fabrics, they blend artistic flair with fresh ideas.


A classic British name, their elegant wallpapers and fabrics have always caught the eye. Knowing how much our customers love them, we’ve added a wide variety to our collection.


Bringing a modern touch with their rich fabrics and innovative wallpapers, we can’t wait for you to see their range in our showroom.

Our Services Include:

Bespoke Designs

Our interior designers work closely with you to understand your preferences and the way you live. The outcome? Spaces that genuinely reflect who you are.

Unified Selection

Thanks to direct access to Premium Blinds’ extensive collection of furnishings and décor, we ensure that each piece selected is in harmony with your theme and personal style.

From Start to Finish

From the initial discussion to the final step, we stand by your side, providing guidance and support throughout.

Balancing Cost and Quality

We understand the importance of value. Our aim is to stretch your budget as far as it can go, ensuring that aesthetics and quality remain at the forefront.

Why Choose Our Interior Design Service?

  • Trusted for over two decades in the business.
  • Personalised customer service that big department stores just can’t match.
  • Our showroom displays a large selection of products.
  • We’re here for you every step of the way: from selection to design, measuring, pricing, crafting, supplying, and fitting.

In addition to aesthetics, our designers keep in mind the functionality of every item they suggest. This ensures they can guide you to choices that strike the perfect balance between utility and style. And it’s not just about individual items. Our integrated approach ensures everything, from blinds to furniture, works in harmony. The result? A cohesive, thoughtfully designed space rather than a patchwork of separate elements.

Ready to transform your space? Please call our Showroom or Office for more information regarding this service.


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