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Blinds for Bi-Fold & Sliding Doors

Bi-fold doors are an ideal solution if you are considering open-plan designs for your home. Installing quality blinds for your bi-fold doors provides better insulation, helping you to moderate room temperature and light control more efficiently. 

At Premium Blinds & Shutters we offer an outstanding selection of bi-fold door blinds with an excellent standard of customer service. We have a large variety of high-quality blinds in multiple colours, designs, and fabrics to suit all budgets. We also offer either manual or electric blinds for bifold doors, depending on your needs.

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Why Install Blinds For Your Bi-Fold Doors?

Here are just a few of the benefits of blinds for bi-fold doors:

  • Bi-fold and sliding doors don’t usually offer much control over light and heat passing in and out of a property. This is remedied by the installation of bi-fold blinds, which improve the doors’ insulation and light control properties.
  • Bi-fold blinds are designed to offer an unobstructed view from inside the property when open, whilst also offering additional privacy.
  • Our bifold blinds come with either manual or electric operation. You can even operate many electric bifold blinds remotely via an app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Bifold blinds are sleek and modern, offering a sophisticated look to your home. They come in a variety of fabrics and have hundreds of colour finishes to choose from.

What to consider

There are several considerations you need to make when it comes to choosing your blinds:

  1. Blind Style & Fitting Type 
  2. Blind Material
  3. Blind Colour & Patterns

Sliding and bifold doors will benefit from:

  • Brilliant, convenient electric blinds.
  • Open your doors to your beautiful garden and yard and let in plenty of healthy, natural sunlight during the day.
  • Enjoy the full privacy of closed blinds at the click of a button, whenever you want.

types of bi-fold Blinds

Blind Styles & Fitting Types

Vertical blinds for your bi-fold doors are available in several styles

  • Roller
  • Roman

Blind Fitting Types

Fitting types can vary from electric (battery-powered) functions to manual or even perfect-fit blinds that are encapsulated.  The most common choice is electric bi-fold blinds that can be powered with battery, solar power, or mains.

Why Choose Electric Blinds?

Electric bifold door blinds are fully motorised and offer you convenience in just about any style you desire.

  • Made to measure.
  • Innovative and affordable technology for modern homes and offices.
  • Child-friendly since cords and chains are not necessary for operation.
  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Battery-powered motorised blinds are easy to install since no electrical wiring is required for operation.
  • Quiet Motors.
  • Perfect Alignment (even for multiple blinds).
  • With complete control from any smart device, it’s easier than ever to operate your smart blinds.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.

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ELECTRIC blinds for bifold & Sliding door Inspiration

Perfect fit Blinds for BIFOLD Doors

Perfect fit blinds are an excellent solution to bi-fold doors. By fitting a single blind to each of your bifold doors, you can easily control the amount of light coming into the room. Perfect Fit blinds can also easily reduce glare depending on the direction and height of the sun throughout the day.

A Perfect Fit frame sits between the glazing and beading of uPVC windows, becoming an integrated part of your doors. There’s also no need to adjust the blinds when you open and close your bifold doors, they’ll firmly stay in place.

Since Perfect Fit blinds can be installed without any intrusive methods, they can also be conveniently popped out for cleaning or ventilation.

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Pleated cellular Blinds for BIFOLD Doors

As bifold doors often feature large panes of glass, they can let a lot of heat in and out. Fitting pleated cellular blinds is fantastic for overcoming this. Our pleated & cellular blinds are all made to measure and are manufactured using a honeycomb structure to maintain effective insulation.

Premium Blinds has a range of materials, colours, and styles available. We stock blackout fabrics, flame retardant fabrics and translucent fabrics to provide additional functionality to your pleated & cellular blinds.

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Allusion & Vertical Blinds for sliding and BIFOLD Doors

We have a beautiful range of allusion blinds and vertical blinds for bifold doors that look stunning and luxurious in large, open spaces such as large windows, patio doors, and with bi-folding doors.

These types of blinds are perfect for letting in light thanks to the mixture of opaque and textured fabric. Being able to slide across and close the blinds also helps to improve privacy, heat insulation and light control.

Allusion and vertical blinds are made to measure and available in various fabrics, materials, colours, and styles. Our textured vertical blinds are sleek and modern, using the latest trends in interior design and rich, vibrant colours. Visit our showroom to see our range of vertical blinds for yourself.

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shutters for BIFOLD Doors

Full height shutters are very popular for bi-fold doors, providing exceptional thermal insulation. This is particularly true during the cold winter months, and full height shutters offer full privacy when closed. Another benefit is the noise reduction from the outdoors.

Contact Premium Blinds today for information or visit our showroom to see them for yourself.

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