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How Café Shutters Can Work in Your Home

As the name suggests, these shutters were originally popular in cafés on the continent. These cafés often look out onto busy streets with lots of footfall. So half-height shutters were a great way for cafes to get a bit of privacy, without completely shutting out the city.

If you have a street-level room, café shutters are a particularly good choice for your windows if you’re seeking more privacy. Whilst other kinds of shutters will also give you privacy, the size of café style shutters has unique benefits.

Firstly, you’ll get personal privacy whilst still benefiting from plenty of light and air. The top half of your windows will stay uncovered. This is great if you have decorative elements in your windows that other kinds of shutters would obscure. Café shutters will still show off stained glass or window arches.

Unlike some larger types of shutters, café style shutters look great when paired with curtains for added texture. At half-height, these shutters won’t dominate your room either. You’ll find plenty of ways to work their continental charm into your home’s unique style.

Finally, there’s the colours you can choose from: perhaps you’re after a stained wood look, painted shades, or your own custom colours. You can have shutter panels in any colour you choose. All kinds of things are possible with café style shutters.

Cafe Style Shutters

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The size of café shutters makes them a flexible choice for all kinds of homes. But to get the best out of your shutters, you want to work with people who have your windows in mind. At Premium Blinds and Shutters, we bring custom made blinds and shutters to homes across Essex.

With our design service, your café shutters will be built to unique demands of your windows. Your shutters will offer privacy and style, without disrupting the personality of your window fittings.

With close attention paid to size and style, and a lifetime guarantee, you can be sure your new shutters will look amazing for years to come. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


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