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A Guide on choosing the right shutters for your bay windows

Bay windows provide a touch of elegance to any home but finding the right window dressing can prove difficult. There are many styles of bay window shutters available, so choosing the best shutters for your bay is vital. Bay window shutters offer privacy, light control, kerb appeal and timeless sophistication to your home. So let us look at the benefits of having bay window shutters and how to make the best choice.

Bay Window Shutters


Benefits of bay window shutters

There are several benefits to having plantation shutters in your living room:

  • Versatile – Shutters can be designed to fit any window space no matter the size or shape. Overall, this can result in a more effective use of the space.
  • Stylish – Shutters are a tasteful addition to any home and subtly complement any internal décor. They look more upmarket than many curtain choices and will not go out of date.
  • Temperature – Shutters provide effective insulation, ensuring air is ventilated in summer while keeping out cold draughts in winter.
  • Cost-Effective – By keeping the home well-insulated all year your energy bills will decrease, saving you money long term.
  • Quiet – Shutters help insulate your home from outside noises, keeping your home peaceful and quiet even in busy areas.
  • Ambience – Shutters allow you to control the amount of lighting that enters your home. You can adjust them throughout the day to get the right mix of natural light.
  • Clean – Fabrics in curtains can attract pollen, dust and other allergens over time. Shutters are easier to clean and safer for those suffering from allergies.
  • Durable – Curtains may tear or fade over time, but shutters are made of more robust material that will stand the test of time.
  • Private – Shutters are easily adjustable so you can find the right balance between greater privacy or more visibility in the home.
  • Easy to Use – Anyone can use shutters and you can adjust them much more easily compared to blinds or curtains.

Choosing the right bay window shutters

In order to determine the right window shutters you will first need to measure your bay window. Bay windows generally have three windows (left, right and centre), however there are many types of bay windows out there. Some windows may be closer together or spread apart, may be square, angled or rounded, and may have differently shaped frames. By measuring the size, frame and angles for each window you will have an idea of the shutter style that will best suit your bay windows.

There are several types of plantation shutters that work well with bay windows. Café style shutters cover the bottom half of the window for extra privacy while leaving the top uncovered for extra light. Tier on tier shutters have two sets of shutters for the top and bottom portions of the window so you can operate them independently. Full height shutters cover the full window for maximum shading and privacy, while tracked shutters can slide open for full lighting when you desire it. The choice depends on your personal taste and how they fit your bay windows.

Using Premium Blinds and Shutters

If we lost you at ‘measure’ then not to worry – we can come to measure, advise and quote to take the hassle out of finding your dream shutters. Pick from a large variety of materials and colours for your window shutters, allowing us to supply and install shutters that will blend seamlessly with any décor. We can also interlace your blinds with other product ranges from our store. For more information on our bay window shutters, feel free to contact us via phone today.

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