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A Complete Guide to Winter Blinds

You can keep your home warm and cosy, and save money at the same time with thermal blinds. Insulating blinds and shutters are an attractive and practical alternative to curtains.

A Complete Guide to Panel Blinds

Choosing the perfect blinds to compliment your windows and doors can seem like a challenge. You need to balance the functionality, style, and colour of the blinds against the room,

A Guide on choosing the right shutters for your bay windows

Bay windows provide a touch of elegance to any home but finding the right window dressing can prove difficult. There are many styles of bay window shutters available, so choosing

How Café Shutters Can Work in Your Home

As the name suggests, these shutters were originally popular in cafés on the continent. These cafés often look out onto busy streets with lots of footfall. So half-height shutters were

Vinyl and PVC Blinds – What are the differences?

Nowadays, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking materials for our blinds. From wood and cloth, to aluminium and plastics, manufacturers adapt their blinds to all kinds

A history of Allusion Blinds and the company behind the brand

Allusion Blinds are a unique window dressing that offer a range of features for the modern home. Introduced by Louvolite in 2018, these window blinds can be made to fit

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