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Why Choose Perfect Fit Blinds?

Key Benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds:

  • Wide range of colours and textures to suit any interior design
  • Blackout fabrics available for optimal privacy and light control
  • Easy installation without damaging your windows and doors
  • Ideal for UPVC windows and conservatories
  • Enhanced insulation for improved energy efficiency

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Transform your home with the elegance and style of Perfect Fit Blinds in Colchester. Contact our team at Premium Blinds & Shutters to discuss your requirements and explore our stunning range of colours, textures, and designs. Let us help you create the perfect interior design statement with our expertly crafted Perfect Fit blinds.


Discover the Perfect Fit for Your Colchester Home

At Premium Blinds & Shutters, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of Perfect Fit blinds in Colchester. Our expert team is always on hand to help you find the ideal blinds to complement your home’s style and enhance its overall appearance. 

 We create our blinds to match your personal needs and likes. Our many products include beautiful roller blinds that are both functional and nice to look at, the always popular vertical blinds that are easy to use and flexible, and the classic Venetian blinds that bring a touch of class to your windows.

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what we offer

Take a look for yourself below at all the range of products we offer at Premium Blinds

made to measure blinds

Every home and office should be well lit with plenty of natural sunlight whilst having ample shade for cosy evenings indoors or during the warm summer months.


Premium Blinds & Shutters carries the largest selection of frame options for all types of window. Our shutters are also available in any colour you like, so use your imagination and bring your favourite colour to us or choose from an extensive selection of popular shades.

Motorised Blinds

At Premium Blinds you can enjoy the convenience and comfort of our motorised blinds in your home. At the touch of a button, you can control the amount of natural sunlight coming into your home without the need to pull on cords.

Commercial range

Premium Blinds & Shutters supplies offices, schools, and all types of commercial businesses with blinds, shutters, and window furnishings designed to effectively control light levels, reduce glare, improve energy efficiency, and to boost productivity in the workplace.

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