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Experience the Future of Home Automation: Smart Home Devices and Systems

Improve your home with easy-to-use smart blinds and motorised window coverings. These modern options come with many features, like setting times for when your blinds open and close. You can wake up to soft sunlight or have privacy at night. Enjoy the ease of a smart home system that fits your life and makes your home more comfortable.

Our motorised blinds work well with lots of smart home systems, so you can control your blinds with other smart gadgets. To make using our motorised blinds even easier in your smart home, we offer different accessories. With our app control hubs, wall switches, and remote controls, you can manage your blinds with smartphone apps just as easily as you control lights or heating. 

Discover the endless possibilities of a smart home where everything is right at your fingertips. Make a pleasant space where your blinds, lights, and temperature work together to improve your daily life.

Discover the Comfort and Benefits of Motorised Blinds in Colchester

Our battery-powered and remote-controlled blinds present you with a variety of advantages, including:

  • Hassle-free usage: Adjust your blinds with a simple press of a button using our user-friendly home smart app or remote control.
  • Flexible management: Open or close your blinds to the ideal position from any corner of your home.
  • Sunlight control: Have complete control over how much sunlight enters your rooms through the windows.
  • Eco-conscious alternative: Opt for our solar-powered motorised blinds that use the sun’s natural energy, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Smart home integration: Our motorised blinds work seamlessly with multiple smart home devices and systems, allowing you to manage your blinds along with other smart appliances.
  • Handy add-ons: Our app control hubs, wall switches, and remote controls, make it easy to operate your blinds just like you would with lights or heating.

Why Choose Premium Blinds & Shutters for Your Motorised Blinds in Colchester

✔ We’re experienced pros: With more than 20 years in the field, we have the know-how to guide you in finding the ideal blinds for your space.

✔  Made just for you: We provide custom solutions to ensure your window treatments fit flawlessly and enhance your interior design.

✔ Top quality, wallet-friendly: We’re committed to offering excellent products at affordable prices, allowing you to enjoy stylish window decor without breaking the bank.

Supportive and approachable: Our friendly team is always on standby to offer assistance and guidance, ensuring your time with Premium Blinds is smooth and enjoyable from start to finish.

If you’re ready to transform your home into a haven of convenience, style, and automation, look no further. Our motorised blinds in Colchester offer the perfect blend of modern design, effortless control, and smart technology. Contact us today to explore our extensive range of smart blinds and motorised window treatments for your home.

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made to measure blinds

Every home and office should be well lit with plenty of natural sunlight whilst having ample shade for cosy evenings indoors or during the warm summer months.


Premium Blinds & Shutters carries the largest selection of frame options for all types of window. Our shutters are also available in any colour you like, so use your imagination and bring your favourite colour to us or choose from an extensive selection of popular shades.

Motorised Blinds

At Premium Blinds you can enjoy the convenience and comfort of our motorised blinds in your home. At the touch of a button, you can control the amount of natural sunlight coming into your home without the need to pull on cords.

Commercial range

Premium Blinds & Shutters supplies offices, schools, and all types of commercial businesses with blinds, shutters, and window furnishings designed to effectively control light levels, reduce glare, improve energy efficiency, and to boost productivity in the workplace.

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