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A history of Allusion Blinds and the company behind the brand

Allusion Blinds are a unique window dressing that offer a range of features for the modern home. Introduced by Louvolite in 2018, these window blinds can be made to fit both larger windows and patio doors in the home. The patented weave of these blinds offers soft shading that allows you to control subtle changes in lighting in the home with simple wand operation. At the same time, through the versatility of rotating you can maintain full privacy and security when the blinds closed. So how did these blinds come to be and who is the company behind it? Here is a brief history of Allusion Blinds and the Louvolite company.

Allusion Blinds

The History of Louvolite

Louvolite began in 1969 as a small business making blinds in Marple, Cheshire. The business quickly progressed and soon moved to a factory unit in Compstall Hall in 1970. That year they registered the company name Louvolite and began finding success selling Vertical louvre blinds through third party retailers. By 1973 Louvolite were selling products to clients both in the UK and around the globe. By 1978 they had progressed enough to design and build their own equipment for making textiles.

Throughout the 1980s Louvolite continued to find growth and success. These years saw them move to even larger facilities in Hyde as well as opening new depots in Europe and Asia. They launched the high performance SPC range of fabrics in 1994, the Perfect Fit Screwless Fitting System in 2006 and the unique two layer Vision blinds in 2012. Louvolite continued to innovate during the 2010s, investing in digital printing in 2014 and launching One Touch technology in 2015.

The Introduction of Allusion Blinds

In 2018 Louvolite introduced its new unique window dressing called Allusion Blinds at the 2018 R + T trade show in Stuttgart. With its mix of sheer and opaque fabrics that can filter daylight while retaining outside views, the product was a big hit at the show. Among the features that won over the crowds were:

  • A versatile patented weave of fabrics that allowed owners to control natural light while maintaining full privacy.
  • Vanes are only attached at the top with no cord links. This makes it possible to walk through the blinds and access outside spaces even while the blinds cover the windows.
  • Child safe mechanism through patented wand operation, ensuring both convenience and peace of mind.
  • Optional motorisation technology available with patented One Touch motors.
  • Two fabric types available: Horizon and Vista with extra flame retardant features.

These features have helped make the Allusion range one of the most popular blinds on the market today.

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