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A Complete Guide to Panel Blinds

Choosing the perfect blinds to compliment your windows and doors can seem like a challenge. You need to balance the functionality, style, and colour of the blinds against the room, and the size of the openings the blinds need to be installed in! If this headache sounds familiar, then you need to consider panel blinds.

Panel blinds are an ingenious solution, offering a stylish and modern look, while allowing you to easily control both light and privacy. It gets better; the sheer range of panel sizes available makes them flexible for all uses. You can even use them as classy room dividers!

So, what exactly are panel blinds, how do they compare to traditional offerings, and why should you choose them?

Panel Blinds

What are Panel Blinds?

Drawing on inspirations ranging from bifold doors to Japanese shoji screens, panel blinds are a curtain design made up from panels of flat fabric that are drawn across a rail track. These panels can vary in size from narrow strips, ideal for bedroom and living room windows, through to door sized panels that make partitioning a room or obscuring a patio as easy as pulling a cord.

How do they Work?

When opened, the fabric panels glide over each other and stack neatly together. When closed, they unstack, spread across the track, and overlap to provide total privacy. This allows you greater control over the levels of light, ambiance, and privacy than traditional blind options. Whether you want total blackout, or want to bring the outside in, panel blinds are an ideal solution.

What makes them Unique?

Panel blinds come in a wide range of modern, classic, and rustic styles (to name just a few!) that will easily compliment all types of home décor. You can also choose how you wish your panels to stack: on the left, the right, or evenly within the centre of your window. As a result, you can work them to your exact unique style. A seamless addition to any home!

Further adding to their customisability, you can choose from a variety of different control types to suit your preference. These include either hand cord, or wand control for easy operation.

Installation Options

Not all surfaces are made equal, which can make installing blinds difficult. Not with panel blinds. You can choose to have them installed on either a face fix bracket, which allows you to fix the blinds to the face of the window or door frame, or a top fix bracket that places the blind at the top of a ceiling or recess.

Most forms of home DIY (Do If Yourself) can cause stress; panel blinds are designed to help give you one less thing to think about during your home improvement project!

Why Choose Panel Blinds?

There are several reasons why these are a superb choice for your home:

  • They are easy to use, and can be operated by anyone with little effort.
  • When opened, the panels remain out of the way so that they do not obstruct your view, or get in the way of your patio doors.
  • For eco-friendly homes with larger windows, panel blinds are the perfect companion as they come in all sizes and styles.
  • They work well with, and enhance the look of all types of patio doors, including sliding doors and French doors.
  • There are many different panel fabrics and colours available that can fit any home style. There are even blackout options for when you want to ensure total privacy.
  • You can remove and replace any panels if you wish to use different fabrics or colours throughout the year.
  • Panel blinds are durable and long-lasting- a cost-effective solution for blinds in your home.

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