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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Plantation Shutters For Your Home

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Searching for an exceptional window treatment that delivers sophistication, practicality, and an array of benefits all at once? Well then, let’s put the kettle on and dive into the captivating world of ‘Plantation Shutters’. The timeless allure of these elegant window fixtures means their popularity remains as strong as ever. Keen to know more? Let’s get started.

First, What Exactly Are Plantation Shutters?

Also known as plantation blinds, these elegant fixtures boast adjustable wide slats that enable you to control light and privacy in your home. Their innate versatility means plantation shutters can complement nearly any interior design scheme beautifully.

1:Adaptable Sophistication Suiting Modern and Period Homes

One major draw is the adaptable sophistication plantation shutters impart. They bring an effortless refinement to your rooms whether your home features a sleek, contemporary design or embraces traditional English charm. With an array of finishes from crisp white to warm walnut, you can customise your shutters to manifest your personal aesthetic vision.

  • Fresh white for a clean, bright look
  • Rich walnut for a traditional woodland vibe
  • Vibrant colours to make the shutters a statement feature

2: Mastering Your Indoor Light

Fed up with glaring sunlight or gloomy darkness inside your home? Plantation shutters empower you to seize control of your indoor lighting. Just tweak the slats to soften harsh light on demand or maximise cheerier rays.

3:An Optimal Balance of Privacy and Style

Yes, privacy is paramount, but that doesn’t mean we have to compromise on style. Thankfully, plantation shutters hit that sweet spot where practicality meets flawless design. Wish to shut out the world for complete seclusion? No problem. Fancy letting in natural sunlight without compromising privacy? Sorted. Just twist the slats to your liking.

4: Constructed to Endure for Decades

While initially an investment, plantation shutters typically offer remarkable durability meaning they can continue enhancing your home for years to come. Whether you prefer the patina of real wood, faux wood’s resilience to everyday use, or vinyl’s imperviousness to moisture, quality plantation shutters are designed to go the distance.

  • Real wood gains character over time
  • Faux wood withstands constant use
  • Vinyl stands up well to moisture and mould

5: Boosted Property Value 

Here’s a welcome bonus – by adding practical refinement, plantation shutters can boost your home’s future resale value. Their tasteful elegance tends to capture buyers’ imaginations, so don’t underestimate their subtle influence come selling time.

Customising Your Plantation Shutters

Won over by the thought of welcoming plantation shutters into your home? Here is a concise guide to choosing the perfect pair:

  • Select materials aligned with your priorities – traditional wood for authenticity or vinyl for durability and water-resistance
  • Go for wider slats if you wish to maximise incoming light and outward views
  • While neutral tones blend in easily, vibrant colours make a dramatic decorative statement
  • Mount the shutters inside the window frames for a streamlined look or outside to suggest larger windows

In summary, plantation shutters offer exceptional versatility in both form and function with their trademark blend of adaptable sophistication, bespoke lighting control, optimal privacy balancing, hard-wearing durability and unexpected property value boost. By determining which benefits matter most for your home, you can transform any room with plantation shutters’ timeless beauty and immense practicality.

If you’re convinced it’s time to install plantation shutters in your home, the experts at Premium Blinds and Shutters would be delighted to help. We offer a wide range of shutter materials, sizes, colours and mounting options to suit your personal style and budget. Contact us today to learn more or request a free in-home consultation.


How much do plantation shutters cost?

Plantation shutters range in price depending on the material, size of your windows and level of customisation. Our experts can provide a precise quote.

How long do plantation shutters last?

Quality wooden plantation shutters can last 30+ years with proper maintenance. Vinyl and composite shutters last 15-20 years typically.

Do plantation shutters provide insulation?

Yes, the slats form an air pocket when closed which improves thermal insulation to reduce heat/cold transfer through your windows.

Can you put plantation shutters in any room?

Yes, they suit any living space but are especially popular for kitchens, bedrooms and home offices as they prevent light and noise transfer effectively.

How long does installation take?

An average window takes our professional installers 1-2 hours. We can usually install shutters in your whole home in one day.

What window shapes can you install shutters on?

Our custom plantation shutters suit any shape including rectangles, circles, triangles, arched windows and more. Our experts will create templates tailored to your windows.

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